The Art Of Wrought Iron

Ferrobattuto Bernabei
From father to son , the ancient art of wrought iron in Siena continues to exist in agreement to technical and stylistic demands of the times...

Forging Craft In Siena

From the past to the new generations, always ready to move forward, but not forgetting to keep an eye on the past and on the forging craft tradition...

Air, Water, Earth, Fire..

All natural elements gather together in the art of wrought iron, from the simple everyday products to the artistic shapes of the sculptures

Artistic Manufacturing Of Iron

From the centenarian forge, modern or classic indoor and outdoor iron furniture and unique sculptures come to life

Wrought Iron, Ancient sounds..

Giovanni and Tommaso Bernabei, encouraged by Eugenio Bernabei’s experience and passion, continue to work in Siena, since 300 years by now, in trembling ancient sounds of their hundred-year-old work tools

Iron becomes art, it lives..

Unique iron masterpieces, handcrafted , Made in Italy. Exported all over the world, to important chalets in Switzerland and villas in the United States of America, to Churches and Cellars throughout in Italy or in our special Chianti region

A dream comes to life..

From a single iron element, hot-forged and beaten with a hammer on the anvil, it can originate a gate or a headboard, but also a rose , an animal, a leaf, a “girale” . A dream comes to life , with different shapes from the simplest to the most complex one. The Art

The old blacksmith's workshop..

In Fonterutoli close to Castellina in Chianti, near to Siena , in Tuscany, flourishes the Italian tradition of handicraft production of wrought iron work.
Passion, Pride and Professionalism for a unique job, that moulds iron since the beginning of the century up to nowadays
Stemma Ferrobattuto Bernabei Siena

Ferrobattuto Bernabei - Siena, Italia - P.iva 01302890528
Italian iron handcraft and artistic works for indoor and outdoor furniture in modern and classic italian styles, as fixtures and gates
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